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Put up a Stuff Page for Software Artifacts

The Stuff page is dedicated to all pieces of code I have written or modified, which I never really got through to publishing. Here you will find some of these software artifacts. My first release on this page is a simple game for for very young kids or babys called Soundmachine. My son likes it very much, he started to play with about 11 months. The general idea is that after starting the Soundmachine every key interaction results in a flicker of light with changing colors, a simple sound and a chenge in the movement of the center sprite. The center sprite is a ellipse, which is scaled in two axis and rotated with a simple and small blur. The soundmachine is licensed under GPL, source and binary packages are available. Furthermore a Java Web Start version of Soundmachine is also provided for easy try-outs.

Caliph & Emir Test Data Set Updated

The Turtle BertaThe 1.1 release of the Caliph & Emir test data has been updated to include the dominantcolor descriptor as well as the new thumbnail format (much more appealing). The test data is now available under a Creative Commons 2.5 License (“Some Rights Reserved”).

Within the Windows installer version of the v0.9.20 release the testdata is already included in the installer file and can be optionally installed. To download the test data set visit the Caliph & Emir downloads at

Userinterface Hints’n Links

After evaluating the result of a user test and changing the whole interface of Caliph & Emir, I’ve got at least some links that might help to build a smooth Java UI:

The very best font site in my opinion is This site is available in English and French and lists lots of free fonts, like BitStream from the Gnome Project. Other sources for free fonts are 1001 fonts, Free Font Snow and Acidfonts. For building images I recommend The Gimp, which is a great free tool, created for Linux and also available for Windows.

If you need really fancy icons the Crystal Clear KDE Icons designed by Everaldo Coelho are a good choice. Other fancy icon sets can be found at Yellow Icon. Another alternative are the Eclipse icons. Therefore you have to download Eclipse and grab the icons from the distribution.

For a better Look of your Java application the JGoodies Look & Feel of Karsten Lentzsch gives a good start. Very nice, but not very cheap is Alloy, which is used in the IDEA Java IDE. Talking about IDEA: Popup and docked windows, as well as the split pane implementation used in IDEA are part of the JIDE Docking Framework.

Caliph & Emir 0.9.20 Released

Example Semantic Description created with Caliph and exported with the new export feature.This release features JPEG, PNG and SVG (if Batik is in classpath) export of semantic descriptions from within Caliph. Furthermore structured text annotations can now be copied to free text by using the F8 key. Some icons and their handling within IconCache has changed. Loading of images in Caliph is now much faster.

In Emir search results can now be visualized using the main menu. Several bug fixes have been applied, log4j library is no longer needed, so the package size was reduced and the swing-layout and metadata-extractor libraries have been updated.

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Lucene Dev Team offers nightly builds

According to the lucene-java-dev mailinglist doug cutting has set up some scripts to offer nightly builds of the Lucene trunk. This is quite fine for people who don’t want to check out the whole project form CVS, install javaCC, and build a package 😉

Some additional information: Lucene is a library that provides Java-based indexing and search technology. The last stable version is Lucene v1.4.3 is more than a year old and the whole community is waiting for the 1.9 version, which will bring a lot of fixes, features and chages.

New Version of Metadata Extractor Library

After more than 2 years Drew Noakes updated his metadata-extractor library. This library is pure Java and allows the extraction of EXIF 2.2 and IPTC, some camera specific maker notes (e.g. Fuji and Canon) and JPEG segments. Currently the library processes only JPEG files. In its last version the library wrote some debug information to System.out, which has been fixed. For documentation on further changes and more information visit Drew Noakes site.

Sun Java Studio Creator 2 out & free

As I’ve read just now the 2nd release of Sun’s Java Studio Creator is out now. Although it doesn’t affect this project directly Studio Creator is a notable thing: It should help to create web applications fast and easy, supporting Java ServerFaces, portlets and AJAX out of the box. Additionally it is built on NetBeans 4.1. Well for me personally that means I’m waiting for the next version, as I didn’t like NetBeans 4.1 very much, although I’m fond of the 5.0 beta and RC versions. One great thing is: It is available for free, or as there are different levels of free: it doesn’t cost a cent.

Moved to

After some evenings of work the Caliph & Emir homepage moved to, and is now powered by the WordPress Blogging software. This did not make my last design changes obsolete, but the design has been adapted slightly to match the features of WordPress, I hope everyone is as please as me, as I don’t have to go down to HTML level for each modification of the homepage. Therefore I promise I will update this site more regularly 🙂

By the way all content hosted by Blogger has also moved here thanks to automatic import filters of WordPress.

Homepage Re-written

The old homepage was build upon tables and had some design flaws. With this release the homepage follows the XHTML 1.1 standard and all tables have been removed. To the best of my knowledge it works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5, with Konqueror (tested with v3.4.3) and should do with the Browser like program provided from Windows.