NetBeans 5.0 Finally Here

Just heard: NetBeans 5.0 has arrived. After some betas und 2 release candidates the new IDE from Sun came as a final version. There’s support for CVS, Web Services and some J2EE servers / servlet containers as well as a GUI builder called Matisse. A Java profiler is also available as an additional package.
I’ve already tested the betas and release candidates and switched to Matisse for creating all my dialogs for Caliph & Emir. Major drawbacks of Netbeans 5.0 are:

  • You cannot use SVN and CVS, you have to decide which one to use, there is no easy switch.
  • The editor pane of NetBeans is, compared to IDEA and Eclipse, quite slow.
  • Some of the features are not intuitive, especially the profiler – although integrated in the IDE – is hard to use compared to commercial products.