Monthly Archives: March 2006

Lire 0.3 released

Lire 0.3 updates all internals to Lucene 1.9.1 and brings the new Lucene along in the libraries. The scores are now normalized and semantically equivalent to the score value of Lucene: A score of 1.0 identifies best matches, the lower the score the worse the match.

Two critical bug fixes were made: Deleted documents are now skipped (THX to Roman Kern) and there were some issues with using the same instance of searcher for multiple searches.

Check out the new releases at sourceforge:

Web 2.0 Asset (and Photo) Management

An Austrian company, Wollzelle, pre-announced their new product Fluxiom. According to Wollzelle Fluxiom is a knowledge management tool following a application service providing business model. After a first look Fluxiom reveals itself as interactive asset management tool, support text and multimedia assets, which can give Adobe and Cumulus quite a hard time ;). Check out the onsite preview video of Fluxiom!
Fluxiom extensively uses Web 2.0 Technoilogies like DHTML and AJAX to provide a lot of interactivity, their main point is that they have Thomas Fuchs from in their development team.

Multimedia Meta Data Community

The Multimedia Meta Data Community has opened its portal to the public. The main focus of the community is on MPEG-7 and MPEG-21.

From the website: The community aims at bringing together experts from research and industry in the area of multimedia meta data interoperability for collaborative working environments. By establishing a community of professionals it is intended to bridge the gap between an academic research and an industrial scale development of innovative products for natural collaboration. To accomplish this goal the portal provides information about MPEG-7 & MPEG-21 related events, participating research groups, as well as industry partners to share expertise on multimedia meta data interoperability.