Monthly Archives: May 2006

Search Engine Lucene 2.0.0 Released

On Saturday morning Doug Cutting has announced the release of Lucene 2.0.0 on the mailing list: “[…] This is mostly a bugfix release from release 1.9.1. Note however that deprecated 1.x features have now been removed. Any code that compiles against Lucene 1.9.1 without deprecation warnings should work without further changes with any 2.x release. […]” (Doug Cutting)
To Download Lucene visit the Apache download page. A detailed change log can be found here.

Lucene 2.0 on Friday?

According to the mailing list the release for Lucene 2.0 for Java is scheduled for Friday, May 26th. Doug Cutting posted a vote for this date into the mailing list and no votes against this one followed. Main changes include that the APIs deprecated in v 1.9 are removed. So be prepared to update! 😉

Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.4 Released

The LIRE library allows the creation of a Lucene Index for content based image retrieval (CBIR). Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided. In Lire 0.4 support for weighting has been added to the image searcher module. With weighting the importance of texture, colour and colour distribution for image retrieval can be specified. The new feature is described in detail in the online documentation and the API docs.


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Emir Demo Movie Updated

Emir Demo Screen ShotI just uploaded the new Emir demo video. Now the video features the shiny JGoodies Look and not the crappy original Java style any more. To play it you will need a Flash player and this link, or just click it in the menu on the right hand side.

Furthermore the Caliph demo has also been updated, it’s now shorter than the old one but also reflects the latest changes.

Caliph & Emir 0.9.22 released

The Caliph & Emir 0.9.22 release brings some whole new and configured metrics for result and repository visualization. The Suffix Tree Graph Metric has been tuned and evaluated, the BM-25 weighting scheme has been applied to path based graph comparison. Furthermore Lucene, Looks and Metadata-Extractor libraries were updated and some small issues were resolved.


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CorvusAlbusRecently a friend of mine – Roman – put up his all fresh and newly created personal information portal CorvusAlbus featuring Web 2.0 client side encryption, photo and text blogs, excessive use of style sheets and javascript and …. Tada: similarity search for images. He included LIRE to allow users to search for similar photos.

corvusalbus02.pngWhen you browse through the photos (as shown in above screenshot) you will find a small find similar link on the topo right of the browser window. Using this you will get all images visually similar to the current one. One more hint for visiting CorvusAlbus: Don’t go there with MS Internet Explorer, it won’t help you much! Only FireFox, Opera and Konqueror are supported.