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Roundup of UPnP AV Servers

Here is a list of available UPnP AV servers, posted because I searched a lot for this list:

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Setting Up A Home Multimedia Server – Just Some Impressions

Lately I saw some presentation on UPnP and that this was not – as I always thought – some born dead idea of some big companies, but also a open source challenge. Quite impressed of the possibilities it offered I created my (long before planned but never realized) multimedia home network. Following Hardware is integrated in the network:

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Call for Papers: Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval 2007 (TIR 07)

The CfP for the TIR 07, the Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval 2007, has been published. This year it takes place in Regensburg in conjunction with the Dexa 2007. You can find the full CfP at

I also visited the last two TIR workshops and I’m looking forward to this years TIR 07. You can find links to the proceedings of the TIR 06 here. The proceedings of the TIR 05 are here.

Call for Papers: Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval 2007

Intelligent technologies for information mining and retrieval have become an important and exciting field of research in our information-flooded society. Methods of text-based information retrieval receive special attention, which results from the fundamental role of written text, from the high availability of the Internet, and from the rising importance of the different forms of Web communities.

Various techniques and methods are being used for text-based information retrieval tasks, which stem from different research areas: machine learning, computer linguistics and psychology, user interaction and modeling, information visualization, Web engineering, or distributed systems. The development of powerful retrieval tools requires the combination of these developments, and in this sense the workshop shall provide a platform that spans different views and approaches.

The following list gives examples from classic and ongoing topics from the field of text-based information retrieval for which contributions are welcome (but not restricted to):

  • formal models for text representation, document models, similarity measures for special retrieval tasks
  • category formation and clustering, document classification
  • IR and natural language processing: topic identification, text summarization, keyword extraction
  • Web community mining, social network analysis, collaborative tagging and IR
  • plagiarism analysis, author identification, style analysis
  • concepts and techniques for information visualization, user modeling, and interaction for particular retrieval tasks
  • relevance feedback and personalization
  • evaluation, building of test collections, experimental design and user studies
  • multilingual issues in IR: cross-language retrieval, multilingual retrieval, machine translation for IR
  • IR for the Semantic Web: usage, extraction, and maintenance of knowledge
  • IR and software engineering: frameworks, architectures, distributed IR
  • IR in business and engineering applications

The workshop addresses researchers, users, and practitioners from different fields: data mining and machine learning, document and knowledge management, semantic technologies, computer linguistics, and information retrieval in general. In particular, we encourage potential participants to present research prototypes and tools of their ideas.

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Workshop Multimedia Semantics: Deadline Extended

The paper submission deadline for the 6th Multimedia Metadata Community has been extended to 15th of January 2007. That’s good news in the new year! Find the CfP at here.

Call for Papers: Workshop Multimedia Semantics – The Role of Metadata 

The web 2.0 will be a multimedia web. In order to make multimedia services ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable we need new mechanisms to describe and process the semantics of multimedia artefacts on the web. Metadata, mostly linguistic data about multimedia artefacts, will play an important role in these mechanisms.

The overall objective of the workshop is to investigate the current practice of multimedia metadata for contextualized ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable services on a higher semantic level, e.g. in collaborative working environments. We concentrate on the development of services and test beds for MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 based services, but also contributions related to other multimedia metadata description standards are welcome. The majority of multimedia metadata description standards in use is based on XML. This has important consequences on the development of services and test beds on the database, the infrastructure and the interface level. We are encouraging especially contributions from interested research groups from the database, the web service and the web 2.0 area.

This is the 6th Workshop of the Multimedia Metadata Community ( We want to extend this very active and successful community with new members.

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