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Report from Semantic Web Atelier (SWAt) X

Yesterday the 10th SWAt event took place. Due to the low number of participants we had a lively discussion about all presented concepts and ideas.

Peter Scheir  (here is his blog from the lecture he gives at the Graz University of Technology, and here his Xing profile) gave us an insight in OpenLaszlo and Flex, which are frameworks for rich internet applications, and compared the tools. He also showed the fancy OpenLaszlo demo and pointed out that in v4 of this framework one could render the output in Flash as well as DHTML (Ajax).

Alexander Stocker (Xing profile) talked about the Corporate Web 2.0. He showed what Web 2.0 can do for business models and where the potential ROI lies. His talk was very interesting from an economic as well as from a social point of view as in the Web 2.0 companies have to put trust in consumers & users.

MEDICHI Notes: Complex Systems

Yesterday and today the MEDICHI Workshop on the Methodic and Didactic Challenges of the History of Informatics takes place here at the Klagenfurt University. Yesterday Michael S. Mahoney opened the workshop with a keynote talk about the history of software. The talk of Niklaus Wirth has been read by Ann Dünki, as Niklaus Wirth couldn’t come. Both talks were very interesting and recordings will be available on the Klagenfurt University Campus TV. However Ann Dünki said something very interesting: She tried to distinguish between complex and complicated systems:

Complex systems can be defined as systems that have emergent properties, which we observe but cannot understand easily.

My question: Social Software also has emergent structures and properties. So can we define social software as complex system?

WWW 2006 Tagging Workshop Proceedings

At the WWW 2006 a workshop on the topic tagging took place. There were several papers especially on folksonomies and emergent semantics. The proceedings are available online at: /hosted/taggingws-www2006-files/taggingworkshopschedule.htm The proceedings are hosted here as the original site is no longer available. (Many thanks to Frank Smadja, who provided the files and allowed to mirror them)

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How to compile Mediatomb 0.9 for Windows / Cygwin

In my experience the build worked with minor difficulties: You need to download

After installing Cygwin and getting the gcc to run (I won’t help you on this), you will need to unpack SQLite3:

tar xvf sqlite-<version>.tar.gz
cd sqlite-<version>
./configure –disable-tcl
make sqlite3.dll
make install

Then you can unpack, configure and make the Mediatomb server:

tar xvf mediatomb-0.9.0.tar.gz
cd mediatomb-0.9.0
./configure –enable-static
make install

Then you should be able to start your server with the command ‘mediatomb’ from the Cygwin bash shell. However I couldn’t start the server, there was a strange error code “ERROR: ‘..’ not allowed in path!”.

I’d appreciate feedback if someone manages tom compile it to a running version and also if someone could include spidermonkey, libid3 and libexif in the static build. If there is a way to package all binary files needed in one zip to run it on systems without Cygwin I’d provide an installer for Windows.

How users think about image search …

There is an article about some new image classification and labeling system online: The UC San Diego has developed (together with Google, they brought in the data) a machine learning approach for automatic image labeling. Find the article here.

Well this is not the first image analysis engine that was created and it won’t be the last, but the discussion at slashdot was particulary funny. Some excerpts go here:

  • I remember when we had to go to a gas station and *buy* porn. Now you have computers out there finding porn for you. You kids today have it too easy!
  • If this doesn’t revolutionize the searching of online porn galleries, I don’t know what will.
  • … was similarly trained to recognize tanks in landscapes. […] Then they introduced it to a new batch of images and it fell apart. Turns out that the initial set of images had all the tanks shot on a sunny day and all the tankless images shot on a cloudy day (or vice versa). It had learned to tell a sunny day from a cloudy day. Ha ha.

  • Now I can search for porn stars that look like that girl in my English class!

Thanks to social software we now know how the ordinary talkative geek thinks about image search 😀

(thx to Roman for the hint on the article & the discussion)

Mediatomb 0.9.0 Released

Kind of missed it, but as they have no blog there … 😀 . The team of Mediatomb released their UPnP server in version 0.9.0 on 28th of March. Mediatomb is an UPnP AV server, which allows you to publish your multimedia files (audio, video & images) in a home multimedia network. Other nodes in the network may autodetect the server and play the files. Find binaries, documentation and the source of Mediatomb here. Unfortunately they only provide binaries for Fedora.