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At the PROLEARN Summer School

Still here and finally the weather dropped. While I was swimming yesterday evening after a socializing event (playing football) today rain got us. That’s bad luck as we are going this evening to St. Tropez. However bad weather does not stop us from putting multimedia coverage online. All the my photo comics are available at Comeeko, Flickr images can be found using the tags prolearnsummerschool2007.

One more thing to note: The very much promoted open source tool Collaborilla for collaborative conceptual modeling is worth a try. Grab Java and a web browser and try it.

a comic strip!

NetBeans 6.0 Preview: I tried it …

netbeans6preview.pngAlthough I’m always interested in the NetBeans projejct progress I was quite away from the topic until recently (no time, administrative stuff, project proposals, same things all the time …). With the announce of a preview release (actually version 6.0 M9) I woke up and gave it a try. Here are my first impressions:

  • First look gave me a warm feeling. This does not look like a creepy Swing application any more. They changed some icons. Result: Interface got more friendly. I like it!
  • The editor is rather usable: It got somewhat faster and the auto completion is now quite easy to use (it works in the way I expect it to work :). Still there is a long way to go: I’d like it faster and my favorite refactoring options are missing (selecting some expression and creating a field or a variable from it, etc.)
  • One more about the editor: When an import is not yet added (by typing in for example a class, which has not yet been imported), the respective term gets underlined in red and one can automatically import the class by clicking the light bulb at the head of the line or by hitting <alt>-<enter>. This works fine with one exception: If you hit it too fast a line break is added. But well this is M9, hopefully it will be fixed in the release 😀
  • One can use subversion and CVS at the same time (no need to switch by installing things)

That’s it from my point of view in the first 15 min. with M9. I’d recommend: Give it a try!

Social Software by Ralf Klamma

mvi_7338_0001.jpgFinally I arrived at the summer school in Frejus and finally the internet connection worked. I’m currently in the audience of the talk of Ralf Klamma, who is talking about social software. Ralf gives a colorful introduction to the topics and – as always – does not miss the opportunity to give examples from religion, history and social science.

In the afternoon we are giving a Hands on Social Software together. We will talk about community software and fool around with Yahoo! Pipes. As Ralf promised I will also do some juggling 😀

Do you know Joost?

Joostâ„¢ the best of tv and the internetPeople tended to get jealous when I told them that I was in private beta for Joost (former “the venice project”). With rather rare invitation tokens I got a few of them also in. But these days Joost send out an email notifying people that we can invite as many people as we want. Therefore: Drop me a mail if you want to have an invitation 😀

Book Review: Google’s Pagerank and Beyond …

As I really like the field of information retrieval, I ordered a new book for our University library: Google’s Pagerank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings (Amy N. Langville & Carl D. Meyer, University Presses of CA). Wondering if this was a good one I took a look inside …

I’ve got to say: I’m impressed! All the main ideas of information retrieval and PageRank (as well as HITS) are described within the first few chapters. The following chapters go into mathematical and technical details: Why and how does this work, why and how can it be used in a distributed environment? My opinion: Two thumbs up!