NetBeans 6.0 Preview: I tried it …

netbeans6preview.pngAlthough I’m always interested in the NetBeans projejct progress I was quite away from the topic until recently (no time, administrative stuff, project proposals, same things all the time …). With the announce of a preview release (actually version 6.0 M9) I woke up and gave it a try. Here are my first impressions:

  • First look gave me a warm feeling. This does not look like a creepy Swing application any more. They changed some icons. Result: Interface got more friendly. I like it!
  • The editor is rather usable: It got somewhat faster and the auto completion is now quite easy to use (it works in the way I expect it to work :). Still there is a long way to go: I’d like it faster and my favorite refactoring options are missing (selecting some expression and creating a field or a variable from it, etc.)
  • One more about the editor: When an import is not yet added (by typing in for example a class, which has not yet been imported), the respective term gets underlined in red and one can automatically import the class by clicking the light bulb at the head of the line or by hitting <alt>-<enter>. This works fine with one exception: If you hit it too fast a line break is added. But well this is M9, hopefully it will be fixed in the release 😀
  • One can use subversion and CVS at the same time (no need to switch by installing things)

That’s it from my point of view in the first 15 min. with M9. I’d recommend: Give it a try!