Content Based Image Resizing: Webstart GUI

To allow easy tryouts I just uploaded a Java Webstart version of the ImageSeams GUI tool. You need to have Java 1.6 installed, then you just click here and the application should start right away.

If you just want to know what this is all about … here is a short flash demo showing the brush and resize trick.

First steps are:

  • Load an image with the rightmost button (jpg and png will work fine, try to use images not bigger than 800×800 for a start)
  • Set the preferred size using the spinners (Do not forget to hit enter if you type it in, otherwise Java won’t recognise it)
  • Hit the 2nd button in the toolbar and observe the effect
  • Tryout the image brushing (click and drag on the image) to retain certain parts (e.g. faces) within the image
  • Switch to the remove brush if you want to remove parts of the image before resizing.