Content Based Image Resizing (GPL, Java): Update to v4

I’ve just uploaded a new version of the seam carving application (v2 v3 v4). There is a performance increase and the result should be smoother now. It’s either available as Java Webstart or as compiled jar file to start the Swing GUI. Sources are included, license is GPL, Java 1.6 needed.

What does this application do?

ImageSeams accepts JPG and PNG images as input and re-targets the image. This means it cuts out the not interesting parts of an image automatically. The application is based on the findings of this group described in this paper. A visual introduction of the original application is given in this video.


  • Bugfix: Bug fixed in seams backtracking, results are smoother now
  • Feature: Image can now be scrolled
  • Feature: About dialog showing version
  • Change: Speed up in image repaint: ~30% ~50% performance gain
  • Change: Icons for seam carving replaced
  • Chang: Animation is now smoother

Small tutorial:

  • Load an image with the leftmost button (jpg and png will work fine, try to use images not bigger than 800×800 for a start)
  • Set the preferred size using the spinners (Do not forget to hit enter if you type it in, otherwise Java won’t recognize it)
  • Hit the 2nd button in the tool bar and observe the effect
  • Tryout the image brushing (click and drag on the image) to retain certain parts (e.g. faces) within the image
  • Switch to the remove brush if you want to remove parts of the image before resizing.

5 thoughts on “Content Based Image Resizing (GPL, Java): Update to v4

  1. mgratzer

    Great implementation. I watched the video at TechCrunch some weeks ago too and marked this article for my readings. Now you brought it back into my mind. I’m absolutely impressed how great this algorithm works – I need to know more about it. Thnx for sharing your source, I will definitely have a look on it later the implementation works great.

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  4. Ulf Dittmer

    I’ve adapted the Java code in the shape of a plugin for the ImageJ image processing application. It can be downloaded from my web site. I’ve also downgraded the Java version being used to Java 1.4 for those of us who haven’t made it to Java 6 yet.

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