Here @ ACM Multimedia 2007

Currently listening to the last talk of this day for me I’ll try to put my impressions together to a full image of the first two days of the ACM Multimedia 2007. The location is quite charming: Augsburg is nice and the university here has a lot of nice ‘landscape’ (~green nothingness) around 🙂

The picture to the right shows W. Wahlster doing his keynote yesterday. While it was impressive how many parallel and interconnected  research activities can do with such an amount of  funding the content of the talk was more like selling an EU IP 😀

Todays first keynote was rather cool: R. Fageth from CeWe talked about their company and gave lots of impressive figures how people submit photos for printing. They for instance receive 4 TB of digital photos via upload for printing each day, while the mean image maximum age of an order is ~80 days.

The overall impression on the conference is: Many good contributions and lots of demos & posters to see. Many – but not all – present novelties or interesting ideas.  Also interestingis the mere number of posters/demos/papers dealing with social media. Seems to hit the research 🙂