Open Source @ ACM Multimedia 2007

This year there was also an open source software contest at the ACM MM. 4 different projects were selected to be presented in a special session:

  • HOP is a framework for generating multimedia web applications easily. They introduce a new model (brokers in between web servers and clients) and a new programming language.
  • ADVENE is a video annotation (GTK, VLC & ffmpeg) tool that allows a whole lot of different annotation types and views on metadata and content itself. Unfortunately it doesn’t support MPEG-7.
  • GPAC is an open source multimedia framework famous for its support of scene based multimedia content (LASER, MPEG-4, etc.)
  • Xface is meant to allow the creation of MPEG-4 based talking heads.

It’s really nice to see that academic effort and EU funding also results in open source projects so other researchers can built on top of other research results!