Category: Answers to questions which have never been asked

Read here on ZeroK’s blog how Sony answers questions … For me this is especially funny as I always experience the same with practically every support hotline i call. One example: My DSL connection always breaks down in early evening. Then I have to reset the router and it works again. I called the support hotline multiple times and always the same scenario:

Me: “It happens that my connection breaks down and computer does not get an IP address any more. Then I have to reboot the router and it works again. I don’t want to reboot my router every 5 minutes, so what can I do?”

Support: “Is your connection currently down and your computer on?”

Me: “Yes.”

Support: “Disable your network interface and enable it again.”

Me: “The computer gets no IP address, I already told you!”

Support: “Please note that you have to do this … bla bla bla ”

Me: “Fine, done, no address. So what now?”

Support: “Reboot your router.”

Me: “I already told you: It works again if I reboot the router!”

Support: “Bla bla bla … have to do it … bla bla bla”

Me: “Fine done, works again.”

Support: “Call again if the internet connection goes down again.”

For computer science people it’s obvious that such conversation can result in an endless loop. 😀