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Easier Multimedia Programming with QT?

The QT 4.4 preview was released lately. Major new features are the WebKit Integration and the Multimedia Framework. Both have their roots in the KDE development. Multimedia support is backed up by Phonon and will use existing codecs on the target platforms (DirectShow, Quicktime and GStreamer). Trolltech writes they are focusing on playback … Does this mean to us that implementing a multimedia application (not only a player) will be easier? Will there be Let’s see and wait. 😀

Some background information is found here and here.

Nonogram for iPhone and iPod Touch

While I’m not Apple’s best fan I contributed my (sparse) mathematical knowledge for a Nongram puzzle for the iPod Touch, which was implemented by a long term friend of mine:

While its actually played on devices named like a popular fruit one can also play them in a browser named like a burning mammal.

Research & Teaching Assistent in Distributed Multimedia Systems

There is an full time 4 year position as PhD student & researcher at Klagenfurt University, Dept. for Information Technology open. Master certificate in related area necessary. Job applications need to be sent until 09.01. 2008. For more information contact Prof. Laszlo Böszörmenyi.

Find more information (in german) here:

NetBeans 6.0 GUI Builder Screencast

Roman Strobl created a screencast showing off the features of the NetBeans 6.0 GUI Builder. He shows how to create data (base) driven applications in a fast and efficient way. He uses Actions instead of Listeners and also relies on the SwingLabs SwingX Swing Component Extensions (find demos here, I really like the drop shadow border).

Bloglines Weather Report: Mashed Up, Mixed Up, Made Up

weather2.png Checking all my subscriptions as usual I wondered about the upcoming weather presented at Bloglines 😀 Just before Christmas Bloglines tells me to expect 61°. While this is common for microwave ovens and might be a good temperature for Death Valley, Austrian winters are normally somewhat cooler. I thought well they’ve dropped some parameters and switched to Fahrenheit, but obviously they didn’t (see screenshot).

Barcamp Feb. ’08: Possible Topics

Barcamp in Klagenfurt takes place on Feb. 2nd-3rd 8th 2008. That means to me: Time to think about possible topics. As I had some lively discussions about Wikipedia lately and my last Barcamp talk was about wisdom of the crowds I’ve got several ideas in this direction:

  • Who’s right? Case James Surowiecki vs. Scott Adams … While Surowiecki wrote a book about the “Wisdom of the Crowds” Scott Adams said: “You cannot underestimate general stupidity“.
  • Wisdom of the Krauts: Is the German Wikipedia better? Some always say the Germans are better at generating truthful content. This would be a shoot-out 🙂
  • My Internet is always right or “The Citing of the Herds” … Why you should should not rely on the internet as single information source. Unlike the intuitive bet this is not (only) aimed at Wikipedia, but includes also Google Scholar, Springerlink, ACM and

WIAMIS 2008 Special Sessions

Besides our workshop of the Multimedia Community “Multimedia Metadata Management & Retrieval” there are three more special sessions at the WIAMIS 2008:

  • COST 292 – Towards Automated Robust Vision-based Surveillance (invited)
    Noel E. O’Connor (DCU) and Marzia Corvaglia (Uni. Brescia)
  • ADVISE – Advanced Video Services Delivery over Heterogeneous Networks
    Toufik Ahmed (CNRS LaBRI Lab. – University Bordeaux 1, France), Ingo Kofler (Department of Information Technology (ITEC), Klagenfurt University, Austria), Olimpiu Negru (Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia, France)
  • Rushes – Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval of Unedited Audio-Visual Footage
    Oliver Schreer (Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Image Processing Department)

Find more information on the special session here or at the WIAMIS 2008 web pages.

Call For Participation: CSKGOI

On January 13th 2008 the CSKGOI, the Workshop on Common Sense Knowledge and Goal Oriented Interfaces, is taking place in Gran Canaria in the context of the IUI 2008. If you plan to attend the workshop be sure to register for the IUI conference before Dec. 17th 2007. 6 Papers have been accepted and will be presented there:

  • Different Degrees of Explicitness in Intentional Artifacts
  • PACO-T: A Common Sense Aided Tool to Support Teachers on Planning Learning Activities
  • Paving the Path to Automatic User Task Identification
  • ScratchTalk: A Natural Language framework for Social Computation
  • Thematically Related Words toward Creative Information
  • Using Spreading Activation through Ontologies