Small Games for Kids

guesswhat2.pngSome time ago I realized that there is obviously a market for educational games for (very young) kids. I made my first small game SoundMachine some year and a half ago and a second one around last Christmas. I now finished to polish the two games and package them into a single archive. I also changed them to Java 1.6 and made some help. There is also some i18n for English and German. Today I release them as open source games.

GuessWhat:  This game displays images (randomly or in sequence) hidden by 6 blocks. With each mouse click (e.g. by touch screen) or pressed key one block vanishes and a part of the image appears. The image sets are configurable. Adding your own image set is easy: Just copy them to a subfolder in the unzipped folder.

Soundmachine: This game features a blue ellipse dangling around on a black screen. Pressing a button increases the twist of the ellipse and results in a rapid change of the background (like a flash).


Download the games along with the source and unzip them. Windows users will find executable files to start the games. Note that  Java 1.6 has to be installed. Linux users will be able to run the games using the commands given in the batch files.

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