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NetBeans 6.1 Beta :: Blogging Contest

With the release of NetBeans 6.1 beta Sun started a blogging contest. Until April 18th, 2008 one can test NetBeans 6.1 beta and blog about it. After blogging you need to submit the URL to and your review will be judged. I’m looking forward to submitting as I definitely want to have a T-Shirt ūüôā

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Asus EEE PC: Enable full screen

First thing with the eee pc was to find out how to enable full screen in IceWM. Full screen in the window manager results in maximized windows without decorations. Therefore one has a lot more space for the actual program (e.g. xterm or Thunderbird).

First of all you need to copy the icewm preferences to your home dir (open terminal with CTRL-ALT-t):

/home/user> mkdir ~/.icewm
/home/user> cp /etc/X11/icewm/preferences /home/user/.icewm

Then you need to edit those preferences, e.g. with kwrite.

/home/user> kwrite /home/user/.icewm/preferences

Search¬†for¬†“AllowFullscreen” and remove the “#” at the beginning of the line. Check if it is set to “1”.

After restarting your IceWM (e.g. with CTRL-AL-BACKSPACE) you can make use of the fullscreen mode in all applications by hitting ALT-F11.

My new EEE PC

eee-pc.jpgWith some luck I grabbed an Asus EEE PC – a white one, the last in stock – at the Saturn market on Wednesday. As I always wanted to own a subnotebook my expectations were quite high, but I have to say: I’m impressed! The EEE comes with a whole lot of software (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Kontact, Konqueror, … even Java JRE 1.5) and can be customized without end. I installed several games, the VLC media player and the Opera browser, which works really fine with the page zoom feature.

On the photo you can see the EEE along with my PSP. This shows how small this thing is. Also the weight is impressive, but best of all: It can decode MPEG-2 (DVB transport streams) and H.264 without dropping a lot of frames. That’s really cool as the CPU runs only at ~ 600 MHz.

While my colleagues are already queuing to do some multimedia tests I’m looking forward to testing the Java capabilities of this device. Full 1.5 mobile java runtime … sounds great to me ūüôā

Slogan Generator …

Sometimes we just need to be pushed into creativity for marketing. A nice tool is the slogan generator. For the blog it generated

“If You Can’t Beat, Join”


“You Too Can Have a Like Mine.”

However I think I won’t use those slogans ūüėÄ

CfP: I-Media Special Session on Multimedia Metadata

I’m happy to announce that there will be a special session of the Multimedia Metadata Community at the TRIPLE-I / I-Media conference in Graz in September.

CfP: I-Media Special Session on Multimedia Metadata

Studies show that sales of digital capture devices like video camera, digital photo cameras, or mobile phones with digital cameras are still rising. Therefore it can be expected that the number of created digital multimedia content will rise dramatically in future. Multimedia metadata is currently the only way to cope with problems like semantics based retrieval or organization of content and provides means to specify adaptation and delivery constraints and rules. Within this special session the importance of metadata for media technologies is discussed. We encourage the submission of high quality scientific work as well as application papers. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia technologies and metadata in the social web
  • Multimedia semantics
  • Annotation of multimedia content
  • Metadata in pervasive multimedia computing
  • Metadata for new media
  • Studies and surveys in context of multimedia metadata and new media

We encourage the submission of high quality scientific work as well as application papers.


The special session is organized by the Multimedia Metadata Community which has already organized a series of 8 successful workshops in the past taking place in Aachen, Berlin, Graz and Klagenfurt. The Multimedia Metadata Community aims to extend the active and successful community and network with new members.


Submissions for the special session are handled via the submission system of the TRIPLE-I/I-Media and are reviewed by the TRIPLE-I/I-Media program committee.

14 April 2008: Submission of the full papers (4-8 pages)
31 May 2008: Notification of acceptance
30 June 2008: Camera ready version (8 pages)
3-5 September 2008: TRIPLE-I Conference

Special Session Chairs

  • Michael Granitzer, Know-Center Graz
  • Mathias Lux, ITEC / Klagenfurt University

Contact: mlux <at> itec <dot>

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Computer games lecture update: Industry talks

As already blogged we offer this semester a course on computer game development at Klagenfurt University. Now three industry talks are confirmed:

  • Stefan Berger from¬† JoWooD Productions Software AG will talk about game development projects discussing aspects of conceptual work, project management specifics in game dev industry, resources, marketing and QA.
  • Andreas Olipitz from OSIOS Online Platforms GmbH will talk about multiplayer games on the browser platform. OSIOS develops such a multiplayer game: Project Deep Space.
  • Microsoft will also send a speaker and has sponsored an XBox for the best student project.

All the talks as well as the presentation of the students projects will take place on June 20, 2008. If you are somewhere around Klagenfurt and you like to join us (without being enrolled) drop me a mail in advance ūüôā

This years JavaOne is coming …

Last year’s JavaOne had 15,000 attendees so there’s a number to reach and exceed ūüôā 2008 JavaOne takes place May 6-9 in San Francisco and covers virtually every aspect of Java. Especially interesting is in my opinion th Open Source tracks as Java is really strong there (compared to the open source portfolio offered in .NET/C# and the portability of libraries in other languages). I wish I could go there but I’m chairing another interesting event here in Klagenfurt at the same time.

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Call for Papers ‚ÄúKnowledge Acquisition from the Social Web‚ÄĚ KASW‚Äô08

I wanted to write it myself, but Markus did such a good job

The focus of this workshop is on techniques and algorithms to acquire knowledge of different forms (e.g. commonsense knowledge, knowledge about user intentions, knowledge about social processes) from social web corpora, such as weblogs, wikis and others. The goal is to attract high quality submissions and to gather a strong community of researchers with different backgrounds that share a common interest in knowledge acquisition from the social web. The Call for Papers is out now – the Submission Deadline is April 28 2008.

International Workshop on
‚ÄúKnowledge Acquisition from the Social Web‚ÄĚ KASW‚Äô08

held in conjunction with the Triple-I Conference