Freemind Icon Set

freemind-icons.pngLong long time ago I can still remember *gg* … I sent an icon related patch to the Freemind developers. My input was appreciated but never found its way into the current branch (development is running in polite ignore mode as with many open source projects 🙂 ). Today I installed the new 0.9.0 beta 16 and wondered if i will find the polished crystal icons I repacked for Freemind … No, sorry 🙁 However I patched it again and instead of sending it to the developers everyone can download the patched jar file here.

Install Instructions:

  • Download and unzip Freemind 0.9.0 beta 16
  • Download and uncompress my patched jar: freemindjar.bz2
  • Copy my jar into the lib folder of your installed Freemind (Overwrite: yes)
  • You’re done.