QT Jambi: Deployment and Web Start

March 14, 2021 on 10:00 am | In Development, General, Java, OpenSource |

I’m still having this strange idea to use QT Jambi one day for a Java project of mine :) Jambi is a pack of Java bindings for the QT framework. Therefore one can use the QT GUI classes from within Java and need not to rely on the Swing, AWT or SWT toolkit. As it maps to native code it is also expected to be faster than Swing or AWT. Like QT it can be used for GPL based open source development fro free.

While the demos look fine I had some doubts regarding the applicability for deployment. Jambi definitely relies on the QT libraries, which - not surprisingly - depend on the target platform. So different pre compiled libraries have to be included for different platforms. For the open source windows edition the whole pack has 26.4 MB (compressed < 6 MB), which is not more but a reasonable addition compared to the size of a standard JRE (compressed < 20 MB). A minimal set for using the GUI (core, gui and mingw) has about 17.3 MB.

So my conclusion: It’s definitely usable. While you cannot create QT applets with Java, web start is possible. However if in a specific scenario - especially web start - size matters then you need think about compression (e.g. with jars).

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