Monthly Archives: June 2008

Firefox 3 default page zoom missing …

On my eee PC I really need a browser, which allows zooming the whole page. While using opera a lot I also like Firefox 3 a lot as it runs rather fast and consumes less memory than Firefox 2. However there is one thing, which is really annoying: Firefox 3 does not allow users to set a default zoom level to start with, which is a rather hand feature for my eee PC 701 🙂 .

Fortunately a clever developer found the problem and prepared an add-on, which allows default zoom levels and much more: No Squint … thanks go to Jason Tackaberry.


Compute Games Course @ Klagenfurt University: Project Presentations

The computer games course at Klagenfurt University comes to an end tomorrow and all the students’ projects will be presented. The very best project (voted for by the audience) gets an XBox 360, sponsored by Microsoft. I’m very happy to announce also an industry talk of Stefan Berger, Product Manager of JoWood (11am-12am). The event takes place from 9.30 am to ~5 pm in HS 1 at Klagenfurt University. Feel free to join the audience.


Lire: Submission to the ACM Multimedia Open Source Contest 2008

I recently submitted Lire and LireDemo to the ACM Multimedia Open Source Software Competition 2008. As I’d really like to go there I hope it will judged as relevant contribution and a demo at the ACM Multimedia is requested. Note that I’ve integrated a new feature in LireDemo for the ACM Multimedia submission: Now its easier to test Lire by just indexing random photos from Flickr. By just hitting the “Index” button without giving a directory of images the download will start automatically.


LIRE v0.6 released: New Image Features

The new release contains three additional features: (i) Tamura texture features, (ii) Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor (CEDD) and (iii) a configurable color histogram implementation. While the last one was integrated for comparison only the other two provide additional improvements, especially the CEDD feature. Furthermore a FastMap implementation was included in the release for optimization of the indexing process in a later release. Also some bugs were fixed in the MPEG-7 EdgeHistogram descriptor provided in the cbir-library jar file and in color-only search. Note that due to the increased number of features the extensive document builder, which extracts all available features, needs significantly more time for extraction than in the last release.


“Time Management” by Randy Pausch, November 2007

As you might have noticed I had so little time left in the last few weeeks, so I couldn’t write blog entries in a proper frequency. However there is a solution: Randy Pausch, who is famous out of sad circumstances, gave a talk on time management in Nov. 2007. Oge Marques pointed me to it and I liked it a lot! This very inspiring talk is available on Google Video.