Monthly Archives: December 2008

Video summary generation as open source

As mentioned in a previous post I’m working with colleagues on a video summary tool, which extracts still images from a video. The goal of the tool is to find frames, which describe the image in an optimal way. Now it’s in a (rather) stable state and ready to release. For Windows users it should be a single click to start the thing, for Linux you need to install ffmpeg. Note that the tool is open source & the code is GPL-ed 🙂


Job offers for PhD and master students …

I’m currently searching for a PhD and multiple master students for a funded research project. Please contact me for further information or to ask further questions.

Users in a self organizing multimedia system (PhD position)

Characterized through a research querstion: Within a huge event based distributed multimedia information system how and how far do and can users contribute to the nature of a self organizing multimedia system?

Requirements: Knowledge in multimedia (metadata), retrieval, social software.

Duration: 3 years.

User Behaviour Classification (master thesis)
Users behave based on their intentions. In the web we can roughly separate the roles of surfers, browsers and searchers with a focus on multimedia content. Within this work the user should be classified in this schema (or a more detailed one) based on her/his behaviour. A logging tool (client, server or intermediate) for a users behaviour should be developed within this thesis.

Requirements: (Java or C#) programming, Web scripting, basic knowledge on multimedia.

Duration: 6-8 months.

Buying Space Invaders & Pac-Man for a 100k bucks …

Midway Games, the famous creator of historical games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man, has been sold for 100,000$. The majority of shares is now owned by a private investor – not me unfortunately. I think this is a cool “collectors item” instead of buying old arcade games you can now buy the actual inventors / developers / publishers of the classical games.

Did you know that Midway also holds the license for Mortal Kombat? Just as a reminder for what this actually is some fan art from YouTube 😀

Please note that I’m not in any way related to the people shown on this video *rofl*.