Monthly Archives: November 2009

Grand Challenge Winners? In a way :)

kofler_lux__acm_mm_gc_best_presentationWhile its certainly not the newest piece of information I’m still happy top blog about it myself: Christoph Kofler and Mathias Lux (that’s me, right) have won the Best Presentation Award of the Multimedia Grand Challenge at ACM Multimedia 2009.

It’s not the main proice, but we are quite happy with it 🙂 If you want to see why we got this price, just check out the video. For more information please refer to our paper: Dynamic Presentation Adaptation based on User Intent Classification

Long long time ago …

Last week at FHQuite some time since my last post and a lot of things happened. First of all reports from the GC in Cologne triggered a lot of response, so Google canceled my Adsense account due to “misuse” 😀 so no more ads here! For myself: I took a teaching assignment at FH Kärnten, a university like academic educational institution, and had a lot of work to do there with 8 h teaching a week there. Since this is the last week, I look forward to catch a breath again 🙂