Monthly Archives: December 2009

My Talk @ Florida Atlantic University

Just hours ago I finished my talk here at FAU, Boca Raton,FL, USA. I was talking about user intentions or what I call “the other end of the camera”. It was the first time I presented a whole overview on the “Intentions & Multimedia” thing I’m working on now for quite a long time, and I think it was very well recieved.

Visiting a 3D Cave – A Wrapup

On Nov. 27th I organized a trip to Graz, where the Institute for Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) of Graz University of Technology has a 3D cave installation called DAVE (Definitely Affordable Virtual Environment). 26 people and me took the bus to Graz and experienced a whole lot of interesting virtual environment effects. The cave itself gives a great insight on “what is possible” and we all were really amazed what can be done with proper equipment and – of course – a lot of work. Marcel Lancelle and Volker Settgast were excelleent hosts and explained the whole things and virtually left no questions unanswered. Check out the photos and the videos of the trip 🙂


SeMuDaTe 09 already started

I’m currently in Graz, chairing the first session of SeMuDaTe 09, a community workshop of the multimedia metadata community. I’m looking forward to a day full of interesting talks and discussions. Proceedings of the event are already available at Our paper on Global vs. Local Feature in Video Summarization will be presented in the afternoon by my colleague Marian Kogler.