CfP: Advanced Video Streaming Techniques for P2P Networks and Social Networking

Workshop held within ACM Multimedia, 25-29 October 2010, Firenze, Italy

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Paper submission deadline: June 10, 2010

Abstract. Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a promising technology for video streaming, and offers advantages in terms of robustness, re-configurability and scalability. In this context, social networks and social services are emerging as a potential new driver for content delivery networks. Specifically, social networks potentially provide a new level of understanding and knowledge related to the interaction between people within a virtual space. Many emerging multimedia based services and applications have started to exploit the ‘social graph’ in new ways for establishing a basis for social recommendations, filtering etc.). As yet, one unexplored area of research relates to the exploiting the social graph for informing adaptive behaviour in P2P-based multimedia systems. On the other hand, the P2P video technology is still challenging, due to the need of reducing start-time and churn-induced instability, to the asymmetry of residential broadband connections, and to high packet loss rates due to router congestion and transmission errors on the physical network, node departure from the P2P overlay, strict timing out due to real time visualization. The lack of guarantee about the actual delivery of the data may cause drops in the reproduction quality and service outages. The workshop objective is to solicit novel contributions on all aspects of P2P-based video coding, streaming, and content distribution which is informed by social networks.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative P2P-based video streaming solutions
  • P2P-based social media content distribution networks
  • Advanced video coding techniques for real-time P2P applications:  layered/scalable video coding, multiple description coding, distributed  source coding
  • Identification and design of proper metrics for performance evaluation and  monitoring including Quality of Service/Experience
  • Content and context analysis and modelling for P2P-based social media  distribution
  • Filtering and recommendation systems
  • Error-resilience tools for peer-to-peer multimedia services
  • Rate control and bandwidth adaptation for both single streams and multiple  stream multiplexing
  • Cross layer optimization issues
  • Protocols for peer-to-peer multimedia services
  • P2P streaming prototype implementation for both live and on-demand streaming
  • Advertisement, payment, and cashing systems
  • Applications, standards, and practical deployments