Mosaik: Automated Mosaic Creation.

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Everybody knows those great pictures, that are composed of picture themselves. This semester Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian took the chance and tried to top the existing software. The result: Mosaik, a Java based photo mosaic creation tool. Mosaik allows to take your own photo collection and creae great mosaics based on your own photos. The example to the right shows a baby laughing  composed of images from the 10,000 images data set from James Z. Wang (see here).

To run the application you’ll need Java installed and run something like:

$> java -jar MosaikPro_1.0.jar -Xmx1500M

The application will give you step by step instructions how to create the mosaic. Fortunately Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian put their code under GPL v2 (with extension to v3). So you can download the binary or the code and compile, edit and contribute.


  • Binary distribution (7z, 1.3M, Java needed)
  • Source code and documentation (7z, 20M)

An Adaptive Video Retrieval System Based On Recent Studies On User Intentions While Watching Videos Online

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We have developed a prototype of an adaptive video retrieval system that leverages the knowledge of users’ intentions (and their relationship to video genres/categories) uncovered by our recent studies on “user intentions while watching videos online” [1] to provide better search results and a user interface adapted to the intentions and needs of its users. The goal behind the development of this prototype is to provide a better solution to the problem of including the user’s context into video retrieval than the one offered by baseline video retrieval interfaces (e.g., YouTube). The prototype is called “You(r)Intent.” [...]

by C. Lagger, M. Lux & O. Marques

(to be) published in CIE.

SDA 2012 Workshop: Deadline Extended to July 15th

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The workshop, first held in conjunction with TPDL 2011 in Berlin, aims at promoting and discussing sophisticated knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information Systems. For this purpose, it is intended to bring together the digital libraries community, the digital archiving community and the semantic technologies community. We also explicitly encourage a closer dialogue between the technical oriented communities with people from the (digital) humanities and social sciences as well as cultural heritage institutions in general in order to approach the topic from all relevant angles and perspectives.

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