Mosaik: Automated Mosaic Creation.

Everybody knows those great pictures, that are composed of picture themselves. This semester Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian took the chance and tried to top the existing software. The result: Mosaik, a Java based photo mosaic creation tool. Mosaik allows to take your own photo collection and creae great mosaics based on your own photos. The example to the right shows a baby laughing  composed of images from the 10,000 images data set from James Z. Wang (see here).

To run the application you’ll need Java installed and run something like:

$> java -jar MosaikPro_1.0.jar -Xmx1500M

The application will give you step by step instructions how to create the mosaic. Fortunately Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian put their code under GPL v2 (with extension to v3). So you can download the binary or the code and compile, edit and contribute.