Mosaik: Automated Mosaic Creation.

Everybody knows those great pictures, that are composed of picture themselves. This semester Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian took the chance and tried to top the existing software. The result: Mosaik, a Java based photo mosaic creation tool. Mosaik allows to take your own photo collection and creae great mosaics based on your own photos. The example to the right shows a baby laughing  composed of images from the 10,000 images data set from James Z. Wang (see here).

To run the application you’ll need Java installed and run something like:

$> java -jar MosaikPro_1.0.jar -Xmx1500M

The application will give you step by step instructions how to create the mosaic. Fortunately Kristofer Schweiger & Niklas Florian put their code under GPL v2 (with extension to v3). So you can download the binary or the code and compile, edit and contribute.


2 thoughts on “Mosaik: Automated Mosaic Creation.

  1. Alex

    I’m using your program,
    When i import source code to Netbean, i have a error in this line “import net.semanticmetadata.lire.imageanalysis.*;”. I must add what?
    The second problem is: I have a file index of a folder image, but I do not understand: How to use this index file with C + +?

    Thanks you!

  2. Kristofer

    Sorry, can’t find the import in our Code. In which class/line do you have it? (and anyway: delete it, we do not use any simmilar import)

    I don’t totally get your second question. If you mean our programm specific index file (incorrectly called “database” in the programm): it is especially for internal use. To use it in C++ you need to, more or less, rewrite our core algorithms in C++.
    You could also find/write something that is able to read data like the Java ObjectInputStream and then use the data. But look at the code because we have done some optimizations differing from the default ObjectOutputStream.

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