Lire migrated to Google Code & new version released

I just uploaded version 0.9.2 of Lire and LireDemo to Google Code. Yes, Google Code! I also migrated (more or less in a under cover action some month ago) the SVN trunk to Google Code and will move on with development there. Main reasons were that ads were getting more and more aggressive over at and the interface of a Google Code project is so much cleaner and easier to handle from a project manager point of view.

Lire 0.9.2 fixes two bugs in KMeans and GenericImageSearcher. Both were critical. The KMeans fix allows now for the use of the bag of visual words approach. The GenericImageSearcher fix makes search much faster.


2 thoughts on “Lire migrated to Google Code & new version released

  1. guo rui

    Good news!

    I have used lire for 4 month, the search looked like linear one image by another.

    Hope add some methods like

    public ImageSearchHits search(Query query, BufferedImage image, IndexReader reader)

    Any way, thank you for the contribution!

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