LIRE Help & Communication

Hi there! I’m writing this basically in my own interest, but it may save me and you time 🙂 I currently get a lot of mails regarding LIRE on how to do that, how to use that, or how to fix that. While I totally appreciate the popularity, I still have a “day job”, by being an associate professor at Klagenfurt University in Austria and I cannot answer all the mails. However, there are skilled and motivated people there, subscribed to the mailing list, who can answer many of the questions, and there are others, who might have the same questions, but have to ask them over again because of those private conversations.

Therefore, I ask for all contact on LIRE support to be handled on the mailing list and not via private messages or mails to me. This helps all of us, as questions will less often be asked twice, and other people get a chance to help.

If the mailing list does not work for you because you need to keep a lid on a not-yet released project, or you want to have priority support, you can make use of the consulting services I offer in context of LIRE and content based retrieval.