A photo of Mathias juggling 3 ballsOriginator and main developer is Mathias Lux, well that’s me. You can e.g. reach me using the email address mathias [at] juggle [dot] at.

Curriculum Vitae

In a short curriculum vitae I would mention that I was born in Villach, Austria, where I’ve gone to school and made my first contact with a computer (Commodore C128). After finishing school there I went to the Graz University of Technology to begin my studies in mathematics.

After quite a few years and different jobs (including pizza boy and web developer) I was employed at Know-Center as junior researcher. The Know-Center is a competence center for knowledge based applications R&D, where I worked on retrieval, visualization and information systems. My main interests focused on metadata, that’s why I was chosen to participate in a project using MPEG-7 for a multimedia library.

After two years of work within this project I decided to develop Caliph for fun, to be more funny I also created Emir to make some use out of the annotated files. This was done within a lecture hold by Harald Krottmaier. The Know-Center became aware of the possibilities Caliph & Emir offered and I got some spare time to integrate Caliph as annotation tool in the multimedia library and Emir as retrieval tool for the client application. After stopping the project I tried to convince my bosses in opening the sources and after some talking I was allowed to distribute Caliph & Emir in April 2004 shortly before I finished my master studies in June 2004.

Since then I administrated the project on private and voluntary basis for my personal interest. In December 2004 I was employed by the Graz University of Technology Institute for Knowledge Management (IWM) as research assistant. In June 2005 I moved to Carinthia for being an Assistent Professor at the ITEC at Klagenfurt University. In November 2006 I finished my PhD studies and now I’m Associate Professor at Klagenfurt University. More information about my job and my efforts there at