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Multimedia Book Coming Feb. 2008

Behind the curtains of the Multimedia Metadata Community we prepared a book consisting of 12 contributions in context of multimedia metadata and semantics. It’s already mentioned online. It’s available in Feb. 2008.

Title: Multimedia Semantics – The Role of Metadata
Editors: M. Granitzer, M. Lux & M. Spaniol
Pages: ~260
ISBN: 978-3-540-77472-3

The web page at Springer is here. I’ll blog more about the book as soon as it is published.

Book Review: Google’s Pagerank and Beyond …

As I really like the field of information retrieval, I ordered a new book for our University library: Google’s Pagerank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings (Amy N. Langville & Carl D. Meyer, University Presses of CA). Wondering if this was a good one I took a look inside …

I’ve got to say: I’m impressed! All the main ideas of information retrieval and PageRank (as well as HITS) are described within the first few chapters. The following chapters go into mathematical and technical details: Why and how does this work, why and how can it be used in a distributed environment? My opinion: Two thumbs up!