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Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.4 Released

The LIRE library allows the creation of a Lucene Index for content based image retrieval (CBIR). Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided. In Lire 0.4 support for weighting has been added to the image searcher module. With weighting the importance of texture, colour and colour distribution for image retrieval can be specified. The new feature is described in detail in the online documentation and the API docs.


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Caliph & Emir 0.9.22 released

The Caliph & Emir 0.9.22 release brings some whole new and configured metrics for result and repository visualization. The Suffix Tree Graph Metric has been tuned and evaluated, the BM-25 weighting scheme has been applied to path based graph comparison. Furthermore Lucene, Looks and Metadata-Extractor libraries were updated and some small issues were resolved.


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Caliph & Emir Status Update

As there has not been a release in the last month I want to give a small status update here: Currently I’m working on an evaluation of Emir’s methods for retrieval of semantic descriptions coded in MPEG-7. Some of the methods have also been developed further, which is reflected in the repository visualization. The results of the evaluation will be published in my PhD. Based on the outcome of the evaluation the standard configuration of Emir will be tuned for the next release. Besides this there are only small bug fixes on the way 😉

Caliph & Emir 0.9.21 Released

The newest release of Caliph & Emir (v 0.9.21) features a configuration dialog for Emir, result visualization and export of results to html, a faster EdgeHistogram descriptor, some bug fixes and some cleanups of the UI. The standards compliance of the resulting MPEG-7 file in Caliph was fixed (thx to Daniel Poetzinger) and the image analysis section has been partially re-written (many duplicate classes were deleted and the code is now more Java like and faster). Behind the scenes two new metrics for graphs have been added, which can be used for repository visualization.

To try the new releases please download the binaries of the Windows installer (note that Java 5.0 has to be installed separately) or try the Java Web Start versions of Caliph & Emir


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CBIR Performance Issues resolved

After some hard work and bug tracking I’ve resolved the memory and runtime performance issues of the MPEG-7 EdgeHistogram Descriptor implementation I got from the VizIR project. Now it should be faster than ColorLayout and not much slower than ScalableColor.

But: What does this mean? For Lire indexing and search, for Caliph & Emir indexing and image loading is much faster now. The size of Caliph & Emir and Lire releases will also be reduced as the original VizIR packages were removed. Stay tuned for the next release, where these changes will be integrated.

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Trying to fulfil the need for an up-to-date and extensive documentation, I put the wiki online. The first pages are dedicated to the usage and API of Lire, including sample source code and detailed instructions as well as some basic performance test results.

Please feel free to edit the documentation pages in the wiki if you finde typos or if you have some content, tip or trick to add.