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Color Based Image in E-Commerce Example

search-by-color.pngGeorge L. sent me a nice example of a website integrating image search features: offers a search ability for color based retrieval of clothing. Just use the “find by color” feature in the right hand side column at the top and you will be impressed how much fun image retrieval can be :).

One can also observe how inaccurate algorithms get when the background is integrated in the color histogram (e.g. with this search parameters, where I searched for grey and found also some blue images – or even in the presented screenshot where an obviously not red dress is shown before a red background). However this is a still unsolved problem: How to separate background and foreground in still images?

Pure Java JPEG Decoders?

As there are always some issues with loading images I recently checked if there is any pure & free2use Java implementation of a JPEG decoder. Well, obviously there isn’t any alternative to Sun’s javax.imageio package. However I found an interesting site summarizing libraries for de- and encoding raster images here.

As for my schedule: I plan to write some simple decoder for PPM, just a ppm to BufferedImage converter, which should be threaded to support parallel execution on the new double core systems. Doing the same with JPG would be quite a thing I think 🙂