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Nokia MOSH: Social Networking & Multimedia

mosh.pngRecently I got an invitation to Nokia MOSH, a new social networking, social bookmarking and sharing and multimedia platform of Nokia. Within MOSH one can share videos, images and audio files, which then can be collectred by other members and viewed online as well as on Nokia mobile devices. Furthermore one can share and collect application (e.g. for your mobile phone), games (also for mobile devices) and documents (mostly hyperlinks as far as I found out).

The actual platform looks good, but does not feel very ‘handy’ yet – maybe due to its closed beta status 😀 I didn’t get the mobile app to work with my N70 yet (server was down/unreachable as I trued) but I think it may be a fine communications and entertainment platform for Nokia mobile phones. I also really appreciate the applications and games sharing thing, so one can finally get some recommendations of other users instead of surfing different sellers sites in search for fine S60 apps.

If you want to try it out yourself just drop me a line and I’ll invite you to MOSH as the feature is there. I don’t know if the invites will be instantly, but I can try at least 😉

Update: Techcrunch also published a post on Mosh.  They also describe how to get in:

… just type “ALLACCESS” into the box on the landing page

YouTube Videos for Mobile Phones

Having tested the YouTube Mobile portal I wanted to get the videos downloaded for my mobile phone. Unfortunately two facts hindered me from doing this: (i) Getting the video from an RTP stream is not that trivial and (ii) YouTube has only parts of its video converted for mobile access. Therefore I needed a way to get YouTube videos to my mobile phone 😀

  • First of all you need to get the actual video from Youtube. Surf to the video you like and dowÅ„load it using e.g. YouTube Downloader. Do not forget to rename yourvideo to .flv.
  • Then you will have to convert it to 3gpp. FFMPEG will do the trick. On Linux you might have to compile it yourself (as no AMR and AAC encoder are built in in many precompiled packages). On windows you might use precomiled binaries, e.g. from here.
  • Then let ffmpeg do the job for you:
    Windows: ffmpeg.exe -i .mov -acodec aac -s 352×288 .3gp
    Linux: ffmpeg -i .mov -acodec aac -s 352×288 .3gp

This command line shown above encodes the video to H263 with a bitrate of 200 kbps and AAC with a bitrate of 64 kbps. The video needs to follow the constraints of 3gpp and is therefore changed to resolution 352×288. This is the maximum possible with 3gpp. Alternatively one can also use the AMR audio codec. But this one has a rather low quality.

A ‘really strange approach’ for those of you running Linux, but not willing to compile: You can run the precompiled Windows with Wine ;-D