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Report on the 5th Multimedia Metadata Community Workshop

From Sept. 6th to Sept. 8th 2006 I’ve been at the 6th I-Know conference in Graz, Austria. There also the 5th Multimedia Community Workshop, where a lot of interesting topics have been discussed. The program can be found here, presentations and papers will be put online.
Within the internal workshop on Friday 8th of Sept. following presentations were given:

  • Java-Media Programming on Mobile Devices (by Horst Eidenberger)
  • Visualisation Ideas for the MISTRAL Meeting Explorer (by Vedran Sabol)
  • The DANAE project and future perspectives (by Christian Timmerer)
  • Formalizing semantics of MPEG-7 descriptions (by Werner Bailer)

All presentations will be put online on the community portal along with additional material.

IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 updated

The IBM alphaWorks toolkit for MPEG-4 has been updated. With this toolkit an API for handling MPEG-4 video and AAC as well as MP3 Audio is provided. It also includes 5 sample applications for decoding and encoding MPEG-4 (and MP3 and AAC) streams.

Looking great on the first view the IBM MPEG-4 toolkit has one major drawback: For using it a license has to be purchased.This is a feature, which disqualifies the toolkit for usage in a GPL application.

Other options, besides the Java Media Framework, for integrating multimedia capabilities in Java applications are for instance:

A review of above libraries and toolkits will follow.