My new EEE PC

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eee-pc.jpgWith some luck I grabbed an Asus EEE PC - a white one, the last in stock - at the Saturn market on Wednesday. As I always wanted to own a subnotebook my expectations were quite high, but I have to say: I’m impressed! The EEE comes with a whole lot of software (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Kontact, Konqueror, … even Java JRE 1.5) and can be customized without end. I installed several games, the VLC media player and the Opera browser, which works really fine with the page zoom feature.

On the photo you can see the EEE along with my PSP. This shows how small this thing is. Also the weight is impressive, but best of all: It can decode MPEG-2 (DVB transport streams) and H.264 without dropping a lot of frames. That’s really cool as the CPU runs only at ~ 600 MHz.

While my colleagues are already queuing to do some multimedia tests I’m looking forward to testing the Java capabilities of this device. Full 1.5 mobile java runtime … sounds great to me :)

CfP: I-Media Special Session on Multimedia Metadata

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I’m happy to announce that there will be a special session of the Multimedia Metadata Community at the TRIPLE-I / I-Media conference in Graz in September.

CfP: I-Media Special Session on Multimedia Metadata

Studies show that sales of digital capture devices like video camera, digital photo cameras, or mobile phones with digital cameras are still rising. Therefore it can be expected that the number of created digital multimedia content will rise dramatically in future. Multimedia metadata is currently the only way to cope with problems like semantics based retrieval or organization of content and provides means to specify adaptation and delivery constraints and rules. Within this special session the importance of metadata for media technologies is discussed. We encourage the submission of high quality scientific work as well as application papers. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia technologies and metadata in the social web
  • Multimedia semantics
  • Annotation of multimedia content
  • Metadata in pervasive multimedia computing
  • Metadata for new media
  • Studies and surveys in context of multimedia metadata and new media

We encourage the submission of high quality scientific work as well as application papers.


The special session is organized by the Multimedia Metadata Community which has already organized a series of 8 successful workshops in the past taking place in Aachen, Berlin, Graz and Klagenfurt. The Multimedia Metadata Community aims to extend the active and successful community and network with new members.


Submissions for the special session are handled via the submission system of the TRIPLE-I/I-Media and are reviewed by the TRIPLE-I/I-Media program committee.

14 April 2008: Submission of the full papers (4-8 pages)
31 May 2008: Notification of acceptance
30 June 2008: Camera ready version (8 pages)
3-5 September 2008: TRIPLE-I Conference

Special Session Chairs

  • Michael Granitzer, Know-Center Graz
  • Mathias Lux, ITEC / Klagenfurt University

Contact: mlux <at> itec <dot>

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H.264 compression test published

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Today I found a compression test on different H.264 (and one MPEG-4 ASP) encoders. They tested the compression to visual quality ratio and found out that the MainConcept encoder (German company, recently acquired by DivX) performs best. The difference to the next rank however is marginal and x264 is second. Deciding based on a compression to price ratio will therefore be very easy :)

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img(Anaktisi) Image Search Engine

February 27, 2022 on 10:00 am | Tags: , , , , , | In Imaging, Multimedia, Retrieval, search | 5 Comments

img-search.jpgSince Blobworld was down I was hoping for a new online CBIR system to show in lectures. Last week I received word about the img(Anaktisi) image search engine from Savvas Chatzichristofis. This search engine is based on 2 new content based descriptors that combine color and edge features. The results look promising!

There is also an offline sketch based retrieval system being developed. A screencast can be found on YouTube.

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CfP: TRIPLE-I Conference

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From the web page: The TRIPLE-I Conference series is a joint venture of the conferences I-KNOW, I-MEDIA and I-SEMANTICS. TRIPLE-I reflects the increasing importance and convergence of knowledge management, new media technologies and semantic systems. This unique concept aims at bridging the gaps between the various communities and their technology fields.

Last years  TRIPLE-I  was a great success, so I’m looking forward to this event. It’s scheduled 3-5 September in Graz. Austria. Full paper submission deadline is April, 14th.

Presenting MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 Videos on the Web with Flash 9

February 7, 2022 on 11:17 am | Tags: | In Flash, General, Multimedia, Web2.0, YouTube | No Comments

While Adobe Flash (former Macromedia Flash) managed to take the top position of WWW based tools for watching video it was stuck with these flv video files for a long time. With version 9 now H.264 (or AVC as it is called in context of MPEG-4) encoded videos are supported along with popular container formats like mp4, mov or 3gp. Or in short words: Flash can now play iPod and PSP videos.

Now for the meat: How to get your AVC files into a web page?

  • ipod-extension-mediacoder.pngEncode your video file. Use MediaCoder or any other tool to create an iPod or PSP compatible video. Take care that you select AVC for your target codec. It’s called MPEG-4 AVC in the PSP as well as in the iPod extension of Mediacoder for example (see screenshot).
  • Download the FLV Mediaplayer and unzip it somewhere.
  • Create a website where your video should be played and move the FLV Mediaplayer along with associated files and the video in a subdirectory of the page’s directory.
  • Use the setup wizard to create the code for embedding your player.
    • Select “Mediaplayer with a single FLV”
    • Source: [relative subdirectory]/mediaplayer.flv
    • Fill in width & height (you chose it in your encoding tool)
    • Put down the path to the .mp4 file
  • Copy the resulting code to your web page and test it in a browser

That’s the easiest way to present a video. More sophisticated methods include streaming or configuring the player with JavaScript. You can also add playlists, show a logo and jump to timepoints.

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The iBlue 747 GPS Logger

February 6, 2022 on 5:08 pm | Tags: | In General, Imaging, Multimedia, OpenSource, Software | 1 Comment

iblue747.jpgRecently I bought the iBlue 747 GPS Logger after reading the review on Cool Tools. While most GPS devices sold here are based on the SiRF star III chip, the 747 is based on the MTK chipset. This allows the user to fill the internal memory easily before you run out of power instead of the other way round. For more detailed information I found a extensive review on

From my point of view the device is good enough. Memory holds up to waypoints and there is enough power for a long hike, walk or bike tour. The software however is somewhat limited. I recommend to use the Java open source software BT747 for downloading the track logs and allows to convert them to Google Earth files, Google Map HTMLs (for sending by email), GPX or NMEA. This tool is rather complicated to use but works fine as soon as you managed to let it do what you want. One will also need the driver, but all instructions are given in the howto of the bt747 software.

BT747 ScreenshotWhat took some time for me to realize was that the internal memory of the iBlue 747 was 16 Mbit, which is 2 MByte. This was quite a shock (as I misread it first), but as already mentioned its enough for ~ 70k track points. The GPS mouse function comes handy when navigating with my mobile phone, which - just to mention - has the same battery type as the gps device :) One thing that disturbs me somewhat: I’d like to have a device where track logs can be downloaded using plain USB (like from a USB storage device) not serial over USB, which is awfully slow. Also I’d like to have GPS that works inside the house too :-D

Geo tagging of photos also works fine, there are several tools available. I’ve tested the GPS Log Analyzer and GeoSetter, which both work fine. The locr tool seems to produce GPS Exif metadata that can’t be read from Google Picasa. Flickr recognizes the geo tags also, but you have to activate the import of those in your privacy settings.

The Clock of the Noxon

February 4, 2022 on 9:00 am | Tags: | In General, Multimedia, Streaming, UPnP | No Comments

As pround owner of a Terratec Noxon 2 I eventually try to use all the features Terratec offers. I’m impressed what this little thing can do for me and (in combination of a TwonkyMedia server) it replaces all HiFi stuff in my living room. It plays digital music (mainly MP3, but als OGG and AAC) OTA from my UPnP AV server and the USB stick plugged into its side. Shoutcast streams are stored in the favorites, which can be edited via web interface. Sound is great and connectivity just works. However there is one thing I do not manage: I never get the clock right. The Noxon has a big clock, which would definitely be a feature for my living room, but it is set automatically and is wrong all the time :) So Teratec: Where is the firmware update?

CfP: Sixth International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI’08)

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The CBMI’08 takes place on 18-20th June, 2008, London, UK. Submission deadline is 5th of February. Conference homepage can be found at

From the CfP: CBMI is the main international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest technological advances, industrial needs and product developments in multimedia indexing, search, retrieval, navigation and browsing. Following the five successful previous events (Toulouse 1999, Brescia 2001, Rennes 2003, Riga 2005, and Bordeaux 2007), CBMI’08 will be hosted by Queen Mary, University of London in the vibrant city of London. The focus of CBMI’08 is the integration of what could be regarded as unrelated disciplines including image processing, information retrieval, human computer interaction and semantic web technology with industrial trends and commercial product development. The technical program of CBMI’08 will include presentation of invited plenary talks, special sessions as well as regular sessions with contributed research papers.

YouTube’s 2007 Roundup: Most popular Videos 2007

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I found it rather late, but it’s still interesting: YouTube brought a round up of the 10 most popular videos in 2007 (actually I only found 9) based on comments, views, reponses, etc. Especially interesting in my opinion is the Battle at Kruger video: The video length is 8:24, so its a rather long video and the actual storyline is rather boring in the beginning. How could this video ever be buzzing? I’d have stopped it at 0:30 at last, so popularity is an interesting concept in my opinion :)

However I grabbed the stats and prepared the following visualizations giving you an impression on the popularity of those videos in quite impressive numbers (click to see them full size):


Fig. 1 - Number of views


Fig. 2 - Number of ratings


Fig. 3 - Number of comments


Fig. 4 - Number of times favorited

If you want to take a look at the numbers yourself: Find the data here: youtube-top10-2007-data.csv

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