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Lire 0.7 Released

Lire 0.7 is a major release fixing a lot of bugs and introducing several new features including new descriptor, a simplified way to use descriptors by introducing new generic searchers and indexers as well as an generalized interface for image descriptors. There are also several improvements in indexing and search speed (especially in autocolorcorrelogram). Furthermore retrieval performance was optimized based on the Wang 1000 data set. If you use Lire 0.7 to update an existing version, please make sure that your indices are created newly from scratch. All new features have also found their way into LireDemo, which now also supports multi-threaded indexing.
Thanks for comments, code and general comments go again to Savvas Chatzichristofis, Rodrigo Carvalho Rezende, Marko Keuschnig, Christian Penz, Oge Marques, Anna-Maria Pasterk and Christoph Kofler.


LIRE v0.6 released: New Image Features

The new release contains three additional features: (i) Tamura texture features, (ii) Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor (CEDD) and (iii) a configurable color histogram implementation. While the last one was integrated for comparison only the other two provide additional improvements, especially the CEDD feature. Furthermore a FastMap implementation was included in the release for optimization of the indexing process in a later release. Also some bugs were fixed in the MPEG-7 EdgeHistogram descriptor provided in the cbir-library jar file and in color-only search. Note that due to the increased number of features the extensive document builder, which extracts all available features, needs significantly more time for extraction than in the last release.


Moved ImageSeams to Google Code

With the v4 version I decided to put up a project at Google Code for the whole thing as I needed Subversion support and some way to handle the downloads. You’ll find all information on the project there.

Co-developers are of course welcome 🙂

Content Based Image Resizing (GPL, Java): Update to v4

I’ve just uploaded a maintenance release. Biggest change is that the seam table is now re-used. Therefore computation is somewhat faster. I’ve also cleaned out the code and made more ‘readable’. Fell free to download and comment:

Other tools (stand alone, plugins, etc.) are reviewed for instance here. Seems like there is a “war of seam carving tools” going on. Many of those are closed source, perhaps some people are trying to make money selling old shoes 😀 The roadmap for this implementation is clear: If the following two constraints are met development is going on:

  • Someone (including me) needs some feature / performance upgrade or finds some bug
  • Someone (possibly me) finds some time to implement the feature / performance upgrade

LIRe 0.5.4 Released

mosaic.pngIn Lire 0.5.4 some bugs were fixed: The scalable color descriptor (color histogram) was not compliant to the MPEG-7 standard, which is now fixed. The color only search was changed to use the color layout descriptor and a bug in the edge histogram descriptor was hunted down.

Note that you have to re-index your files: Your old index cannot be used with the new version as 2 descriptors have changed. Furthermore all binary files have been compiled with Java 6.0. So if you need a Java 1.5 version you’ll need to recompile yourself (ant build file is included) and include the swing layout class library from NetBeans.

The LireDemo GUI application has also been updated: A new function for creating image mosaics has been introduced and the indexing of digital photos is now faster than ever as only the EXIF thumbnails – if available – are used instead of the whole image.

Go to the LIRe page for download links and further information.

NetBeans 6.0 M10 Available

NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 10 is now available. According to Roumen’s blog its the last milestone, so expect a beta release after this one. You will find the original announcement here. Updates (excerpt from the announcement) include:

  • Ruby Debugger enhancements (global vars, watch view, locals view)
  • Plugin Manager allows you to distribute groups of IDE components (for example Ruby, SOA)
  • Visual Designer has new look and feel
  • More Ajax enabled components from Project Woodstock
  • Struts 1.3.x files are recognized by the IDE
  • UML Source Code Synchronization

There is also a complete list of NetBeans IDE 6.0 Milestone 10 (M10) features and enhancements available.