Ambjörn’s 10 Golden PhD Rules

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One major output for PhD students at the PROLEARN summer school are the hints and tricks for finishing the actual work. This includes sayings like “Concentrate on your goal”, “Don’t mess up with things you actually don’t need” and “Start to write it right at the beginning”. To get an overview Ambjörn was so kind to put up some basic rules for PhD students. He put them up in kind of analog wiki using post-it notes. You will find the rules in photos on flickr here, here and here. Actually the most impressing rules were number 3 and 4:

  • Resist your professor if (s)he tries to seduce you
  • Do not seduce your professor

See foto … :-D

Report from Semantic Web Atelier (SWAt) X

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Yesterday the 10th SWAt event took place. Due to the low number of participants we had a lively discussion about all presented concepts and ideas.

Peter Scheir  (here is his blog from the lecture he gives at the Graz University of Technology, and here his Xing profile) gave us an insight in OpenLaszlo and Flex, which are frameworks for rich internet applications, and compared the tools. He also showed the fancy OpenLaszlo demo and pointed out that in v4 of this framework one could render the output in Flash as well as DHTML (Ajax).

Alexander Stocker (Xing profile) talked about the Corporate Web 2.0. He showed what Web 2.0 can do for business models and where the potential ROI lies. His talk was very interesting from an economic as well as from a social point of view as in the Web 2.0 companies have to put trust in consumers & users.

WWW 2006 Tagging Workshop Proceedings

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At the WWW 2006 a workshop on the topic tagging took place. There were several papers especially on folksonomies and emergent semantics. The proceedings are available online at: /hosted/taggingws-www2006-files/taggingworkshopschedule.htm The proceedings are hosted here as the original site is no longer available. (Many thanks to Frank Smadja, who provided the files and allowed to mirror them)

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