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Music portal reduced to max: Grooveshark

Lately it was getting more and more challenging to hear a song you want online. YouTube sorts out based on Geo-IP, samples in online stores get shorter if even there. But I was pointed to a straightforward portal: Grooveshark. You just searcfh for the song you’d like to hear, press play and there you are. If you want to listen to multiple songs, there’s a queue usable without registration. Nice!


The Clock of the Noxon

From Terratec.netAs pround owner of a Terratec Noxon 2 I eventually try to use all the features Terratec offers. I’m impressed what this little thing can do for me and (in combination of a TwonkyMedia server) it replaces all HiFi stuff in my living room. It plays digital music (mainly MP3, but als OGG and AAC) OTA from my UPnP AV server and the USB stick plugged into its side. Shoutcast streams are stored in the favorites, which can be edited via web interface. Sound is great and connectivity just works. However there is one thing I do not manage: I never get the clock right. The Noxon has a big clock, which would definitely be a feature for my living room, but it is set automatically and is wrong all the time 🙂 So Teratec: Where is the firmware update?

YouTube Mobile

screenshot-realplayer-video3gp-1.pngAround last weekend the YouTube mobile interface was opened. As I’ve paid for a 100 MB / month never really using more than 20 for mails and some chatting I really had to test it 😀

The interface is clean and simple. It works like a charm with the Opera mobile browser (not the Opera Mini, I haven’t tried with this also with Opera Mini – tested by Daniel Goldman, thx to Daniel) . The videos are provided with RTSP in 3GP format. So one can also watch the videos using Realplayer (see screenshot). Some further information on the used streaming format: The video I tested was encoded with 40 kbps with H263. Taking a look at the RTSP communication reveals that there is a Darwin Streaming Server working:

Received PLAY response: RTSP/1.0 200 OK
Server: DSS/5.5.3 (Build/489.12; Platform/Linux; Release/Darwin; )

The only thing about mobile YouTube: You’ll need an UMTS connection or better 😉