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Report from Barcamp Senza Confini

I already blogged about my presentation at the barcamp, but here is a followup report on the first day: The first glance at the registration desk showed that this was organized perfectly. The welcome session started well scheduled and was moderated by Georg Holzer. Right after that Monika Meurer talked about running a blog for a living. She and Achim Meurer had a whole lot of knowledge to share on this topic (see for instance here and here). After Monika’s talk I did my own presentation and went to lunch.

The afternoon started for me with the WikiQuiz presentation of Andreas Augustin. This is a collaborative game supporting user generated as well as semi-automatically generated questions for a Trivial Pursuit style game. After that I talked to a whole lot of people while drinking coffee and missed some sessions. I got back onto track right time for seeing Zemanta, a machine learning based tool for blog post link, image and tag recommendations. The tool is impressive, but also the startup story was fascinating. The Zemanta guys talked about Seedcamps and venture capitalists, things & concepts far away from my current environment ­čÖé

After that some more discussion followed and the last two tracks were the Flex Intro from Trinitec and the Lightning Talk session, where each presenter only had 3 minutes to perform.

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