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Barcamp Feb. ’08: Possible Topics

Barcamp in Klagenfurt takes place on Feb. 2nd-3rd 8th 2008. That means to me: Time to think about possible topics. As I had some lively discussions about Wikipedia lately and my last Barcamp talk was about wisdom of the crowds I’ve got several ideas in this direction:

  • Who’s right? Case James Surowiecki vs. Scott Adams … While Surowiecki wrote a book about the “Wisdom of the Crowds” Scott Adams said: “You cannot underestimate general stupidity“.
  • Wisdom of the Krauts: Is the German Wikipedia better? Some always say the Germans are better at generating truthful content. This would be a shoot-out 🙂
  • My Internet is always right or “The Citing of the Herds” … Why you should should not rely on the internet as single information source. Unlike the intuitive bet this is not (only) aimed at Wikipedia, but includes also Google Scholar, Springerlink, ACM and Computer.org.