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CfP: Special Issue on Communities and Media Computing

With the emergence of large scale social network communities such as flickr, myspace and youtube, we are witnessing media use and production on an unprecedented scale. The purpose of this special issue is to address the technical challenges that emerge through the use of media in large user communities. Communities who use media as part of a network can impact content analysis (e.g. detection of emergent semantics), multimedia systems (e.g. network optimization due to knowledge of relationships among people) and application research (e.g. novel group authoring). Ubiquitous use of multimedia can also impact the way communities form. We believe that a systematic analysis of community-generated media will reveal new insights about how people interact – social dynamics, the evolution of topics and trends, groups and communities. We believe that the research can reveal new synergies between multimedia content, systems and application research areas and computational social analysis. The focus of this special issue shall be novel computational aspects of shared media among multiple people

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