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LIRe, Caliph & Emir, Citations & GPL

Although I hate this posts … out of necessity I have to say it: LIRe and Caliph & Emir are open source software licensed under GPL. This is good on the one hand as it is free and will stay so, but it is bad in a way that the integration of sources and binaries of LIRe and Caliph & Emir are bound to certain restrictions. Note that it was not my decision to put the whole thing under GPL, it was necessary to get all involved parties to “freeing” the software.

The restrictions are - boldly stated: if you use Caliph, Emir, Lire or any source out of these projects, then your project has to be GPL too … and of course therefore open source.

A second issue is citations: While the software and its source is free to use it’d be great to be cited in research papers and articles that use my software. Such citations are highly appreciated as I’m a researcher and citations is one of many criteria to measure the contributions of an individual to  research.

So we kindly ask you to refer the following paper in any publication mentioning Lire:

Lux Mathias, Savvas A. Chatzichristofis. Lire: Lucene Image Retrieval – An Extensible Java CBIR Library. In proceedings of the 16th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 1085-1088, Vancouver, Canada, 2008

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And we kindly ask you to refer the following paper in any publication mentioning Caliph & Emir:

Mathias Lux. Caliph & Emir: MPEG-7 photo annotation and retrieval. Proceedings of the seventeen ACM international conference on Multimedia, pp. 925-926, 2009, Beijing, China.

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