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Nice but out of reach: popular multimedia platforms

Netflix was reported last year to be the source of nearly 30% of the North American internet backbone traffic. Well that’s impressive, but that’s something that many non North Americans can’t understand … and there’s a simple reason for that: the service is not available in many countries. Several well known and well received services are restricted to a range of IP adresses that are considered in a geographic location where users have access to this services. Here is a small but still interesting list of services that have obviously impact on the usage of the internet, but cannot be accessed in many European countries.

  • Netflix – major video streaming service (subscription based)
  • Pandora – music streaming service / adaptive online radio (ad supported)
  • Hulu – major video streaming service of already aired TV content (ad supported)
  • Vevo – music video streaming service (ad supported). Most of the music videos on Vevo are available on YouTube for Austrians, but most of these music videos are not accessible of Germans.
  • NBC – video streaming service of already aired NBC TV content.
  • ABC – video streaming service of already aired ABC TV content.