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LIRe presentation and poster at ACM MM 2011

Just finished my presentation at ACM MM’s open source competition in 2011. Many interested researchers and developers came by to discuss ideas and developments. I’m looking forward to turning many of those idea into code 😉

For those of you interested in the poster I uploaded it here.

I also uploaded the presentation to slideshare.

Lire Demo 0.9 alpha 2 just released

Finally I found some time to go through Lire and fix several of the — for me — most annoying bugs. While this is still work in progress I have a preview with the demo uploaded to sf.net. New features are:

  • Auto Color Correlogram and Color Histogram features improved
  • Re-ranking based on different features supported
  • Enhanced results view
  • Much faster indexing (parallel, use -server switch for your JVM)
  • Much faster search (re-write of the searhc code in Lire)
  • New developer menu for faster switching of search features
  • Re-ranking of results based on latent semantic analysis

You can find the updated Lire Demo along with a windows launcher here, Mac and Linux users please run it using “java -jar … ” or double click (if your windows manager supports actions like that 🙂

  • Download Liredemo v0.9 alpha 2

The source is — of course — GPL and available in the SVN.

ACM MM 2010 Open Source Competition started

Currently I’m sitting in this year’s ACM Multimedia open source software competition sessions. Marco Bertini is our chair and we have already seen openSMILE and the Open SVC Decoder. The openSMILE framework is something I’ll definitely revisit as it allows for emotion classification in speech :). Currently the Sonic Visualizer is shown.

ZoRa Photo Director

Just got word from Berthold Daum that he has integrated LIRe in the ZoRa Photo Director. That’s desktop asset management application, written in Java which allows for management of large photo collections. Source and binaries (Win & Linux) are available at http://www.photozora.org. Not to forget: it’s built on Eclipse!


  • http://www.photozora.org