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Face Detection - convenience command line utility for Windows

Again 🙂 Sometimes there is no time to compile OpenCV right here right now. Therefore I compiled a small win32 command line utility for this excact task. Just give a photo with some faces as the first parameter and you’ll get the faces centers, width and height on stdout.


Extracting SURF features – convenience command line utility for Windows

Sometimes you just need a small command line utility to extract some local feature from an image … and you have no time to set up and compile OpenCV right this time. Here’s the solution: I did the task (actually for my students and for me, but still you might use it :).

The utility is absolutely basic stuff. Just start “extractSurf.exe” on Windows 7, give it an image as first parameter and it will spit out the surf feature descriptors (on stdout) headed by the x and y coordinates and the response value. Source - of course - is also provided … but it’s not magic. It’s all about the convenience of the binary.

Links to the OpenCV wiki on how to compile the stuff are provided in a small README in the source archive.


  • extractSurf-bin.7z - (7Z archive, Win7 32 bit binary, 1.5M)
  • extractSurf-src.7z - (7Z archive, C++ code and CMake file, 1.2K)