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Easier Multimedia Programming with QT?

The QT 4.4 preview was released lately. Major new features are the WebKit Integration and the Multimedia Framework. Both have their roots in the KDE development. Multimedia support is backed up by Phonon and will use existing codecs on the target platforms (DirectShow, Quicktime and GStreamer). Trolltech writes they are focusing on playback … Does this mean to us that implementing a multimedia application (not only a player) will be easier? Will there be Let’s see and wait. 😀

Some background information is found here and here.

NetBeans 6.0 GUI Builder Screencast

Roman Strobl created a screencast showing off the features of the NetBeans 6.0 GUI Builder. He shows how to create data (base) driven applications in a fast and efficient way. He uses Actions instead of Listeners and also relies on the SwingLabs SwingX Swing Component Extensions (find demos here, I really like the drop shadow border).