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Call for Papers “Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web” KASW’08

I wanted to write it myself, but Markus did such a good job

The focus of this workshop is on techniques and algorithms to acquire knowledge of different forms (e.g. commonsense knowledge, knowledge about user intentions, knowledge about social processes) from social web corpora, such as weblogs, wikis and others. The goal is to attract high quality submissions and to gather a strong community of researchers with different backgrounds that share a common interest in knowledge acquisition from the social web. The Call for Papers is out now – the Submission Deadline is April 28 2008.

International Workshop on
Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web” KASW’08

held in conjunction with the Triple-I Conference

Courses in Summer Semester 2008

Semester started yesterday and therefore also the courses. This semester I’m lecturer and coordinator for 3 courses:

  • Multimedia Information Systems – My very own course focusing on Multimedia Retrieval and content based analysis. Takes place 2nd time now, was quite a success the first time: Students and me were satisfied with the agenda of the course and the project results. Find more about it here.
  • PR Compiler Construction – A practical course on the basics of compilers to support the compiler construction lecture. There is also a tutorial helping with the implementation tasks of the practical course. Find more information here.
  • Computer Games – A first try with my colleague Horst Pichler to create a new course on computer game development bringing together the knowledge of the faculty. While we only had 30 free places in the course and the first lesson will be next week we expect ~ 90 students, which is quite a lot for not mandatory courses in Klagenfurt. Find out more here.

CSKGOI Proceedings Online @ CEUR-WS

Last Monday the post proceedings of the Common Sense and Goal Oriented Interfaces Workshop (CSKGOI 08) in January in Gran Canaria went online. We chose the Ceur Workshop Proceedings server for post publication. It’s an open access server with a rather easy submission procedure and papers normally get indexed by Google Scholar and Citeseer. All papers are available along with a nice short preface as Vol. 323:

      Research & Teaching Assistent in Distributed Multimedia Systems

      There is an full time 4 year position as PhD student & researcher at Klagenfurt University, Dept. for Information Technology open. Master certificate in related area necessary. Job applications need to be sent until 09.01. 2008. For more information contact Prof. Laszlo Böszörmenyi.

      Find more information (in german) here: