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Americans Viewed a Record 16.8 Billion Videos Online in April Driven Largely by Surge in Viewership at YouTube – comScore, Inc

comScore recently updated their count of videos viewed online. Interesting enough: YouTube and therefore Google leads the market 🙂 For Europeans however a (possibly) large fraction of the video content cannot be accessed any more. Due to missing license agreements many many music videos cannot be watched (at least from within Austria). How does that counteract piracy? 😀

From comScore:

“[…] U.S. Internet users viewed 16.8 billion online videos during the month, representing an increase of 16 percent versus March. A significant increase in video viewing at YouTube during April contributed to the month’s sizeable gains.”

via Americans Viewed a Record 16.8 Billion Videos Online in April Driven Largely by Surge in Viewership at YouTube – comScore, Inc.

Enhancing the YouTube Experience.

:en:YouTube :en:headquarters at 1000 Cherry Avenue in :en:San Bruno, California. YouTube moved into this building in October 2006, after outgrowing their previous headquarters in a loft above a pizzeria.Image via WikipediaLifehacker recently gave two tips on the use of YouTube. The first one targets at watching videos from outside the region where they are allowed (mainly US 😀 ). You just need to change the URL and everything works fine.

The other one features a bookmarklet for downloading the mp4 files of the videos. You just need to add it to your bookmarks and on click it will add a download link for the mp4 file.

Furthermore there is a “Better YouTube” Firefox plugin, which already does a lot of the things the articles describe.

YouTube’s 2007 Roundup: Most popular Videos 2007

I found it rather late, but it’s still interesting: YouTube brought a round up of the 10 most popular videos in 2007 (actually I only found 9) based on comments, views, reponses, etc. Especially interesting in my opinion is the Battle at Kruger video: The video length is 8:24, so its a rather long video and the actual storyline is rather boring in the beginning. How could this video ever be buzzing? I’d have stopped it at 0:30 at last, so popularity is an interesting concept in my opinion 🙂

However I grabbed the stats and prepared the following visualizations giving you an impression on the popularity of those videos in quite impressive numbers (click to see them full size):


Fig. 1 – Number of views


Fig. 2 – Number of ratings


Fig. 3 – Number of comments


Fig. 4 – Number of times favorited

If you want to take a look at the numbers yourself: Find the data here: youtube-top10-2007-data.csv